common refrigerator repair problems athens ga

Most Common Appliance Repair Problems

Most Common Appliance Repair Problems

As appliance repair technicians, we see all the most common appliance repair problems in Athens. Occasionally we see an appliance with an uncommon repair problem (like a washer tub replacement or a refrigerator sealed system repair), but more often than not, the issue is due to age, wear and tear, or poor routine maintenance.

There’s not much we can do about age, but we can give you some tips that will help you prevent breakdowns from improper use or lack of maintenance. Here are the most common preventable repair problems we see daily.

#1: Refrigerator Runs Loud

What’s that noise? That noise could be your refrigerator compressor working overtime to try and keep your food cold. If your compressor is running loud, it could be the result of dirty condensers. Check out these fast solutions for a refrigerator that runs loud.

#2: Smelly Washer Tub

A stinky washer can really put a kink in your plans to wash your clothes. No one wants to washer their favorite outfit in a moldy smelling machine! If your washer isn’t smelling fresh, try this deep cleaning trick (and then follow these monthly maintenance steps to keep it smelling fresh).

#3: Burner Won’t Light

The dreaded sound of a clicking burner on your cooktop might have you feeling defeated, but don’t call for service quite yet. Often times a burner won’t light because of food debris. Follow these igniter cleaning steps before calling for service.

#4: Refrigerator Warm but Freezer Cold

It doesn’t make sense! The refrigerator is warm but the freezer is working just fine. If this happens to you, start by checking for a blocked air vent. In most refrigerator models, there’s an air vent that travels from the freezer to the fresh food side. The freezer blows cool air through the vent to keep your fridge cold. If that air vent gets blocked, this could make the refrigerator not cool.

#5: Dryer Won’t Dry Clothes

You start the dryer for a 45-minute cycle only to return to damp clothes. Ugh! If your dryer won’t dry clothes, the problem could be as simple as a dirty dryer vent or lint trap. Start by inspecting your dryer for excess lint or debris.

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