Burner Won’t Light

burner won't light

Stove Burner Won’t Light

It always seems like a random occurrence that happens at the worst possible time; your stove burner won’t light, and it’s the one you need to cook tonight’s dinner.

You need to find the source of the problem fast and get it fixed so you can get back to cooking your delicious meal.

Why Your Stove Burner Isn’t Igniting

While it may be possible that one or more parts have failed, it’s likely that the burner in question is just dirty. You’ll need to give it a thorough cleaning and see if you can resolve the problem yourself.

1 – Safety First

Before you do any stove troubleshooting, you need to take the proper safety precautions. First, unplug the power cord from the wall, and pull the stove out so you can access the gas safety valve on the back.

Turn the safety valve all the way off so that no gas can flow while the unit is being worked on.

2 – Locate the Faulty Igniter

You’ll need to find the igniter for whichever burner won’t light. Regular gas stoves will require you to lift up the stove top to access the igniters, while stoves with sealed burners will have the igniters visible on the outside.

3 – Clean the Igniter

Drips, spills, and food particles are the main culprits when it comes to malfunctioning stove igniters. Cleaning them is usually enough to get them back to working like new.

You’ll need a clean toothbrush, preferably one you won’t be needing to use on your teeth again. Remove any built-up residue from the igniter surface by scrubbing it firmly with the toothbrush.

4 – Clean the Pilot Hole

You’ll need a needle small enough to fit inside the pilot hole of the problem igniter. Insert the needle into the hole and use it to scrape away any residue that’s stuck inside. Once the hole is clear, use your toothbrush to wipe away any excess material.

5 – Try Igniting the Burner

Once everything looks clean, put your stove back into place, plug it back in, and turn the safety gas valve back on. Now you can safely try to light the burner again, and chances are that it will work like a charm.

If you’re still experiencing difficulties with your stove though, call the repair experts at GFY Appliance Repair today!

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