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5 Reasons Why Your Dryer Won’t Dry Clothes

We love our home laundry appliances, but if your dryer won’t dry, it basically becomes a large, useless paperweight. After all, it only has one simple job! If your dryer takes multiple cycles to fully dry or has stopped heating altogether, you need to figure out what the problem is ASAP.

Luckily, our GFY Appliance Repair Athens service technicians are experienced in fixing all residential dryer breakdowns. Let us guide you through what might be the source of your dryer not drying problem.

Why Your Dryer Won’t Dry

Compared to other major home appliances, dryers are relatively simple, straightforward machines. Even with today’s incredible appliance technology, there are only a few potential causes if your dryer won’t dry. You’ll need to inspect the following parts to find out which is defective:

  • Lint screen
  • Vent hose
  • Heating element
  • Gas igniter
  • Thermostat

#1 – Dirty Lint Trap

First thing’s first, when’s the last time you cleaned your dryer’s lint screen? This part is what traps all of the excess fuzz that comes off of your garments during a cycle, but it needs to be cleaned regularly for the dryer to perform efficiently.

Free airflow is required for your dryer to heat. If you have a dryer taking longer to dry than normal, make sure to thoroughly clean your screen. You should also develop a routine of cleaning it after every use because excess buildup can lead to more serious, potentially dangerous issues.

Dryer Not Drying

#2 – Clogged Dryer Vent Hose

Much like a filthy lint trap, the buildup of debris inside your dryer’s venting system can prevent your unit from drying properly, and can even pose a fire risk. Unrestricted airflow is necessary, and a clogged, pinched, or bent vent hose can stop your dryer in its tracks.

Inspect the inside of your vent hose regularly and clean out any lint or other material stuck inside to ensure optimum performance and safety.

#3 – Broken Heating Element

If you own an electric dryer, it uses a heating element to heat the air inside your unit much like a bake element inside an oven. Without proper cleaning and maintenance though, these heaters tend to burn out over time.

If your electric dryer won’t dry, disconnect the power, open up the cabinet and remove the element from the unit. Use a multimeter to test the part for continuity and replace if necessary.

Dryer Taking Longer to Dry

#4 – Defective Gas Igniter

Instead of using an element like electric models, gas dryers heat with an igniter and burner. Gas is introduced into the burner, and the igniter sparks the gas which generates the heat required to dry your clothes.

Without regular cleaning and maintenance though, your dryer’s igniter can burn out due to overheating. Remove the part and test it for continuity with your multimeter, and be careful when reinstalling it not to touch the igniter portion with your bare hands.

#5 – Thermostat Malfunction

Although they’re less likely to fail than an element or igniter, your dryer uses thermostats to control the temperature of your dryer while it’s running. Overstuffing your dryer can lead to overheating though which can cause them to “pop.”

Again, you’ll need to safely remove the parts from your dryer and then test them using your multimeter for continuity. Only replace your thermostats once you’ve ruled out all other possible causes for your dryer not drying issue.

Not all dryer problems are easy or safe for a novice to handle themselves though. If your dryer won’t dry, your best bet is to call the experts at GFY Appliance Repair and let us take care of the repair quickly, affordable, and to the highest possible standards.

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