If Your Electrolux French Door Refrigerator Won’t Close, Try This

A refrigerator door that won’t close is not only annoying, but can lead to bigger issues. All too quickly you may find yourself with an overworked refrigerator not cooling properly and increased utility bills. We’ll troubleshoot the most likely reasons your Electrolux French door refrigerator won’t close from door blockages to misalignment to quickly solve the problem.

4 Common Causes When Your Electrolux French Door Refrigerator Won’t Close

Fortunately, some simple adjustments are usually all that’s required when your Electrolux French door refrigerator won’t close. We’ll pinpoint the most common causes and detail how to fix the problem to avoid bigger issues.

Something is Blocking the Door

As obvious as this sounds, if your French door refrigerator pops open, first determine if something is blocking the door. In many cases, a drawer may not be completely closed or an item on a shelf may be interfering with the door. Make sure all foods and containers are out of the door’s range, repositioning them as needed. 

Your Electrolux Refrigerator Door Gasket is Dirty or Damaged

A refrigerator door gasket is essential to ensuring a tight seal and proper closure of the refrigerator doors. If the gasket is dirty or damaged, it won’t seal cold air inside, and your refrigerator door won’t stay closed. 

To test your gasket, place a dollar bill halfway inside the refrigerator door and close the door. If the dollar bill slides out with ease, the gasket is not providing sufficient closure. While a damaged door gasket requires replacement, a dirty gasket can be cleaned with the following steps:

  1. Mix a solution of water and 1 drop of dish soap in a small bowl.
  2. Dip a toothbrush in the solution and use it to scrub both sides of the gasket.
  3. Dry the gasket with a damp towel.
  4. Repeat on a weekly basis to prevent food buildup. 

Electrolux french door refrigerator won't close

The Refrigerator Body is Misaligned

Did you know that if your fridge isn’t level the refrigerator door won’t close automatically? A misaligned fridge can create an improper door seal, leading to cooling issues that may overwork the refrigerator.

Most refrigerators have legs that can be adjusted to fix any misalignment. The legs on Electrolux refrigerators can be adjusted by turning their screws right to raise the refrigerator and left to lower it. Place a level on top of the refrigerator and continue adjusting the legs until the level’s bubble is centered.

Refrigerator Door Hinges are Faulty

Over time, door hinges can also fall victim to misalignment or wear out, which means that your Electrolux French door refrigerator won’t close. Misaligned hinges can be fixed by loosening and adjusting them to the proper position. As this can be an exacting job, we suggest referring to your owner’s manual for recommendations specific to your model refrigerator.

If the refrigerator doors appear to lean instead of closing at a 90-degree angle it’s likely that the hinges are worn out. You may also notice an uneven gap between the refrigerator doors and the freezer. In either case, the hinge spacers or the hinges themselves need to be replaced.

Is your refrigerator door not closing even after these interventions? Call GFY Appliance Repair to help with any Electrolux refrigerator repair.

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