Laundry FAQ: Why is My Electrolux Washer Not Spinning?

Your Electrolux washer’s spin cycle is an essential sequence, ridding clothes of excess water so they dry in a reasonable amount of time. You’ll know there’s a spin cycle setback when you find soaking wet laundry in the washer but how do you solve the problem? From an imbalanced load to an unstable machine, our troubleshooting guide pinpoints the cause for an Electrolux washer not spinning.

Electrolux Washer Not Spinning?
This Could Be Why

While a part malfunction may be the reason for an Electrolux washer not spinning, there could be a simple fix as well. We’ll review the most common causes that have both DIY solutions and more in-depth repairs.

#1. Washer Load is Imbalanced

One of the most common reasons a washer won’t spin clothes is an imbalanced wash load. To protect against damage, a spin cycle won’t engage when your machine senses an unbalanced load. If there are too few items in the washer or if it’s overloaded, the load will be unstable, and the spin cycle won’t start.

An imbalanced load can easily be corrected when you find your Electrolux washer not spinning. If there are just a few items in the washer, balance them out by adding a few towels to the load. If the machine is overloaded, remove some items so the washer is less crowded.

#2. Drain Filter is Dirty

A drainage problem can also be the reason your Electrolux washer isn’t spinning. To fix most draining issues, the drain filter needs to be cleaned. Here’s how to clean the filter quickly and easily:

  1. Refer to your use and care manual to locate the filter in your model washer
  2. Remove any visible lint and debris from the drain filter and pump blade
  3. Replace the filter
  4. Run a hot wash cycle with no detergent to clean the washer tub

#3. Electrolux Washer Isn’t Level

If your washer isn’t level when it’s installed it could be the reason your washer doesn’t spin. The washer will sense this unbalance when initiating a spin cycle, and the cycle won’t engage. Most washers can be leveled by adjusting their feet, checking for balance with a spirit level.

It’s also possible that the washer is level, but the surface on which it rests is unbalanced. A warped wooden floor or irregular tiling can create an uneven surface that prevents the washer from balancing itself.

Electrolux washer not spinning
Image Credit: Electrolux

#4. Other Reasons Why Your Electrolux Washer Won’t Spin

Is your Electrolux washer not spinning even after these interventions? If this is the case, the following part malfunctions could be to blame:

  • Damaged drive belt: this rubber belt wraps around the drive motor and pulley and actually spins the washer tub. When it’s damaged or broken the washer makes loud noises while spinning or may not spin at all. A broken drive belt requires replacement.
  • Worn motor coupling: the motor coupling connects the washer’s motor and transmission. Wear and tear can damage the coupling, stopping a spin cycle or resulting in loud spinning. A worn motor coupling assembly needs to be replaced.
  • Failed door latch: the door latch ensures that the washer door is closed correctly. If it’s damaged or defective, the washer won’t start or spin. Assess the door latch for visible damage or test it for continuity with a multimeter. If there is a lack of continuity or visible damage, the door latch assembly requires replacement.

Don’t let your washer spin cycle not working lead to laundry day pileups. Call GFY Appliance for a quick and professional Electrolux washer repair!

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