What’s the Difference Between Front Load vs Top Load Washers?

Deciding between front load vs. top load washers can be stressful when there are countless opinions on what’s best. But what’s right for some may not be what works best in your household. We’ll review the differences between these two washer designs by comparing important factors like cost, performance, and reliability.

How to Decide Between Front Load vs. Top Load Washers

So, which is the best top loading or front loading washing machine? The answer is really what’s best for you and your laundry needs. We’ll help you make the best choice, so the only laundry debate is over who puts your clean clothes away.

Front Load vs. Top Load Washer Usability

The biggest difference between top loading and front loading washing machines can be attributed to ease of use. A top loader provides the user-friendly opportunity to add clothes even after a wash cycle begins. A front loader’s locked door doesn’t always have that option.

Similarly, a top load washer can also be more user-friendly for loading and unloading. While you can remain standing for a top loader, loading and unloading a front load washer requires bending even with a pedestal. A front loader set up also makes transferring clothes to the dryer a little harder if your washer door gets in the way.

Time Saving Ability

Front load vs. top load washers can also differ in the amount of time it takes to do laundry. While front load washers generally have longer wash cycles, they can spin as much as two times faster than a top loader. This means clothes are less wet when they enter the dryer, making for shorter drying times and less time doing laundry overall.

Cleaning Capability

When it comes down to it, getting your clothes clean is a washer’s most important function. Though front loaders are gentler on clothes and use less water, their tumbling motion creates cleaner clothes compared to a top loader’s agitator.

Front load washers can also offer larger capacities than a top loader, enabling you to better wash larger items like blankets and comforters.

Front load vs top load washers

Front Load vs. Top Load Washer Reliability

Top load vs. front load washers pros and cons don’t seem to differ much on dependability. Neither design appears to require repairs more frequently than the other. However, when a front load washer does break down, repairs are often more expensive, often requiring professional expertise. A front load washer’s replacement parts are also generally more costly in comparison to a top loader.

Long and Short Term Cost

The cost of front load vs. top load washers is most accurately measured when you factor in both long and short-term expenses. While a front load washer will still cost a little more upfront, it can save money over the course of its lifetime.

This is because a front loader typically uses less energy and water, adding up to smaller utility bills over the life of the machine. Depending on the initial cost of your front loader, this may make it less expensive than a top loader in the long run.

Comparing front load vs. top load washers is less stressful when you know how to measure what’s best for your needs. And if you need washer repair services, GFY Appliance Repair can take the stress out of any service. Call us today for a prompt and quick repair of any model washer.

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