How to Wash a Comforter at Home

Cool nights may have you searching for your comforter, only to find that it could use a good cleaning. Can I wash my comforter at home without ruining it or my washer? As long as you read the care label instructions and your washer can fit it properly, machine-washing is no problem. Learn how to wash a comforter at home with these easy-to-follow steps.

Bedding Maintenance Tips:
How to Wash a Comforter in Your Washer

How often do you need to wash a comforter to keep it fresh and clean? While covered comforters only need washing once or twice a year, those without a cover benefit from a weekly cleaning. Here’s how to wash a comforter at home in 6 simple steps.

Step 1. Read Care Label Instructions

Before throwing your comforter in the washer, read the care label to make sure it’s machine washable. Is it ok to wash a comforter in the washing machine if the label says dry clean only? In this case, machine-washing is a no-go, as dry cleaning is the only option that prevents permanent damage. Any guidelines regarding water temperature and drying procedures should also be followed closely.

Step 2. Check Washer Size

To wash heavy bedding, your washer needs enough space to accommodate it properly. Check your machine’s use and care guide to determine the exact capacity of your model washer. Most recommend only filling the washer tub ¾ of the way full, so there’s still room at the top. When overloaded, you may find your washer is loud during a spin cycle, risking malfunctions.

Does a top load or front load washing machine matter when washing a comforter? Generally, front loading machines have a larger capacity that better accommodates heavy bedding. However, newer top loaders without an agitator can also work well. Regardless of your washer type, we recommend using a laundromat’s commercial washer if your machine doesn’t fit your comforter properly.

how to wash a comforterStep 3. Pretreat Stains

Old or significant stains stand a better chance of coming out in the wash if pretreated first. Move the filling away from the stained area and pour a few drops of commercial stain remover on the stain. A homemade solution of baking soda and water can be a viable natural option. Rub the stain remover into the fabric and allow it to sit for at least 10-15 minutes.

Step 4. Select Washer Settings

Wondering how to wash a comforter without it getting lumpy? Selecting the right washer settings can prevent the filling from clumping. Use a gentle cycle with cold water to avoid any fabric or filling damage. Make sure a faster spin cycle is included to extract as much water and soap residue as possible, preventing clumps.

Step 5. Use the Right Detergent

Knowing how to wash a comforter also involves using the right detergent. Natural soaps without chemicals or additives are recommended to avoid fabric damage. If you’re washing a down comforter, it’s also better to skip the fabric softener. Its chemicals can coat the down, making it less fluffy.

Step 6. Dry the Comforter

The last step in how to wash a comforter is all about proper drying. When loading your comforter into the dryer, add a few tennis or dryer balls to prevent clumping and damp spots. Though it can take several hours, use a low drying temperature to avoid damaging the fabric or filling. Pause the dryer every 30 minutes and remove the comforter to shake and redistribute the filling.

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