Top 4 Reasons for an LG Refrigerator Running Loud

If your refrigerator’s sounds go from non-existent to noisy, it can be hard to think of a solution over all the commotion. Wondering why is my LG refrigerator so loud? While a low humming sound is normal, loud humming noises could indicate a problem with the compressor. Learn to decipher the sounds of an LG refrigerator running loud to pinpoint the problem quickly

LG Refrigerator Running Loud?
Here’s How to Silence The Sounds

Whether it’s the volume or the noise itself, loud sounds are unmistakable from your refrigerator’s usual operation. While some noises may require a professional repair, others can be silenced with a simple DIY fix. Here’s how to determine what to do for an LG refrigerator running loud.


If vibrating sounds are resulting in your LG refrigerator running loud, there could be various causes. Fortunately, all have a fairly simple fix.

These issues can result in your LG refrigerator making loud vibrating sounds:

  • Refrigerator is resting on a wall or cabinet: If the refrigerator’s top or sides are touching a surface, a vibrating noise can result when it runs. Try to leave an inch of space around the top and sides of the refrigerator.
  • Doors are misaligned: Check the refrigerator doors to make sure they align properly. Refer to your user manual for instructions on how to realign the doors if necessary.
  • Refrigerator is not level: If its legs don’t rest evenly on the floor, a refrigerator may make vibrating sounds when it runs. Refer to your user manual to determine how to level the legs on your refrigerator. Usually, turning the legs clockwise will raise the refrigerator, while turning them counterclockwise should lower it.
  • Interior item is touching the refrigerator wall: Check your refrigerated items to see if they’re resting against the refrigerator’s wall and vibrating when it runs. Reposition stored items at least an inch away from refrigerator walls.
LG refrigerator running loud
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The compressor typically makes a low humming sound while it runs. However, if the humming suddenly becomes louder, to the point where it can be heard in another room, the compressor may be failing. If you find your LG refrigerator making noise and not cooling, the compressor may be malfunctioning and working harder to keep the refrigerator cool.

While the compressor may function at a loud volume for a long period of time, it will utilize increased energy to do so and can suddenly fail. A professional technician should assess loud humming noises to determine if the compressor needs replacement.


An LG refrigerator condenser fan noise sounds like tapping if the fan blades are obstructed or if the fan’s motor is failing. The condenser fan helps remove heat from the refrigerant as it flows through the condenser coils. However, if the blades are blocked or the motor malfunctions, the refrigerant won’t cool sufficiently, and you’ll notice your LG refrigerator is warm.

In some cases, a condenser fan obstruction can be removed to silence an LG refrigerator running loud. However, a malfunctioning fan motor or damaged blade means the fan must be professionally replaced.


What does it mean if your LG refrigerator makes loud noise that sounds like hissing? It could indicate a leaky valve in the defrost system or a leak in the sealed system that contains the refrigerant. Brief periods of hissing can be part of a normal defrost system to function as melting frost drips on the defrost heater. A hissing or gurgling sound can also occur periodically as the refrigerant flows through the evaporator and condenser coils.

However, prolonged hissing usually indicates a valve leak or a leak in the coils and necessitates a professional assessment.

GFY Appliance Repair can help with any LG refrigerator repair. Call us to decipher loud noises and silence the sound!

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