Range Won’t Stop Clicking? This May Be Why

Many gas range owners have grown accustomed to listening for the clicking sound when turning on their burners. But it’s certainly unexpected to hear that same clicking when the range is off, and you have no intention of cooking! In this post, our Lawrenceville appliance repair techs explore some reasons why your range won’t stop clicking that include everything from excess moisture to faulty stove parts.

What to Do When Your Range
Won’t Stop Clicking

We understand that natural gas concerns may cause you to jump to serious conclusions when you experience a range malfunction. Fortunately, a range clicking when off can have some simple DIY solutions.

Food Debris Clogging Range Ignition System

A good cleaning often solves many appliance problems, and this also holds true when your range won’t stop clicking. Sometimes, an accumulation of food particles and grease can clog the burner’s ignition system.

When this happens, the igniter won’t be able to function properly, and the stove won’t stop clicking when off. The good news is that cleaning the burner around the igniter can typically solve the problem.

How to Fix It:

  • Disconnect your stove from its power source
  • Remove the burner cap
  • Clean around the igniter with a dry toothbrush or other small brush
  • Use a paperclip or sewing needle to unclog the fuel ports
  • Use a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove stubborn grime
  • Replace the burner cap and reconnect stove
range won't stop clicking
Image Credit: Sears PartsDirect

Moisture Around Range Igniters

Another possibility when your range won’t stop clicking is an excess amount of moisture around the range igniters. Moisture can easily seep into the area around the igniter after a pot boils over or some sauce spills from a pan.

Similarly, if you recently gave your stove a good cleaning, any moisture from your cleaning solution or water can also collect around the igniter. When either of these scenarios occurs, the igniter won’t work properly and may click repeatedly. Fortunately, giving the area an opportunity to dry can do the trick to stop the click:

How to Fix It:

  • Disconnect your stove from its power source
  • Remove the burner caps and knobs
  • Mop up any visible moisture with a paper towel, lifting the stovetop if your model range allows it
  • Allow the stove to air dry or use a fan for more rapid drying
  • Replace burner caps and knobs and reconnect stove

Range Burner Cap Misaligned

Another mishap that often occurs after a vigorous cleaning is a misaligned burner cap. When the cap is not positioned correctly, it can interfere with the igniter, to the point where the gas stove igniter keeps sparking when off. Luckily, all it takes to fix the problem is repositioning the burner cap to its correct spot.

How to Fix It:

  • Make sure the stove is off, and the cooktop is cool
  • Remove the burner grate
  • Pick up the burner cap and reposition it correctly
  • Replace the burner grate
stove won't stop clicking when off
Image Credit: Sears PartsDirect

Faulty Parts

If your range won’t stop clicking and you’ve tried cleaning the burners, allowing them to air dry and repositioning the burner caps, then you may have a defective part. Here are some possible culprits and solutions when you have a faulty stove component.

How to Fix It:

  • Spark Module: responsible for providing the spark used to turn on the burner. If broken, it will need to be replaced.
  • Spark Ignition Switch: provides the electricity needed to help the spark module light the burner. It will need to be replaced when broken.
  • Igniter: opens the burner gas valve to allow the flow of gas to be ignited. When malfunctioning, it will need to be replaced

As these repairs can be complex, give GFY Appliance Repair a call to help with any type of range repair.

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