What Brands Does Whirlpool Make?

We are often asked, “What brands does Whirlpool Make?” It’s not an unusual question, seeing as though Whirlpool is the flagship brand to so many other well-known brand names all over the world. Brands made by Whirlpool include Maytag, KitchenAid, Amana, and more.

Whirlpool entered the spotlight back in the early 1900s with one of the first electric washers. Even at the launch of this ingenious machine, the company prided itself on business ethics and customer satisfaction.

Honoring their commitment to integrity and technological advancement, Whirlpool continued to improve and produce some of the world’s best appliances.

Ultimate Guide: What Brands Does Whirlpool Make?

So what brands does Whirlpool make? To highlight some of the most popular Whirlpool brands, we’ve compiled an overview of brands and their respective popular appliances. Although not an exhaustive list, this will give you a good idea of how the Whirlpool family is truly a leader in the appliance industry.


With over 100 years of history in the appliance industry, Whirlpool leads the way in innovation and performance. With large appliances like the Whirlpool washer throughout the home, Whirlpool is dependable, has advanced features that keep their products at the cutting edge, and they are backed by a great warranty.

Popular appliances include:

  • ovens
  • vent hoods
  • washers/dryers
  • dishwashers

whirlpool brands

whirlpool family of brands
Impage from Whirlpool


Maytag is known for being one of the Whirlpool brands that is nothing if not dependable. Featuring great warranties and customer service, the Maytag brand of appliances keeps your daily chores hassle free.

Popular appliances include:

  • ovens
  • refrigerators
  • washers/dryers

maytag whirlpool brands


whirlpool brands
Image from Maytag



Asking yourself, “What brands does Whirlpool make?” Did you know that the popular KitchenAid brand is part of the Whirlpool family of brands? This household name is probably best known for its KitchenAid mixer and other countertop appliances, but they offer so much more!

Popular appliances include:

  • cooktops
  • mixers
  • small appliances

kitchenaid brand


whirlpool family of brands
Image from KitchenAid



One of the luxury brands made by Whirlpool is Jenn-Air. Jenn-Air is a popular choice for many urbanites due to their innovative appliances that cater to smaller spaces. Don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you have a great expanse of kitchen to work with, though. Jenn-Air’s high quality products delights the culinary guru in all of us.

Popular appliances include:

  • cooktops
  • compactors
  • ventilation



jennair brands made by whirlpool
Image from Jenn-Air



Let’s visit the question again of “What brands does Whirlpool make?” Another favorite of the Whirlpool brands is Amana. Although many people enjoy Amana’s kitchen and laundry room appliances, Amana makes reliable heating and air conditioning units as well. From HVAC systems to portable units, the appliances that keep you comfortable should all be as dependable as Amana.

Popular appliances include:

  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators
  • Air Conditioners



amana whirlpool brands
Image from Amana


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